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Thread Name: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
Subject: RE: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
1980 Spring (Ming-Ming and the Lantern Dragon)
Think-Think Song
River of Whispering Reeds
Dragon of a Thousand lanterns
Ching Dzai Lai

1980 Summer (Orchestra)
The Brass Song
The String Song
the Woodwing Song
The Percussion Song
The leader and the Conductor
The Orchestra

1980 Autumn (A LEGEND of THREE KINGS)
Three wise kings
Incense of Summer
Sing Hallelu
Myrrh of the mountains
Star chant
Kings came riding
A cradle carol

1981 Spring (Sandal The Piper)
Follow Follow Sandal
We'll Travel the Desert
The Golden Horseman
City of Dreams
The Clever Clever Caliph
Wonder of Wonders
Dance of the Desert Drum

1981 Summer (Radio Station)
On the air
The D.J.'s song
Radio reporter
Here is the news
The man in charge
The song of the radio engineer
Time and Tune jingle

1981 Autumn (My son Aladdin)
WidowTtwangy's Music Shop
Adventure Song
The Genius of the Xylophone
Abracadabra, Oo La La La
The King of the Xylophone
Poor Aladdin
Aladdin's Music Shop