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Thread Name: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
Subject: RE: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
1990 Spring (Spring-a-ding-ding)
The wintry weather song
Haru ga kita
The hedgehog
It's Spring
Spring cleaning
Shrove Tuesday
Topsy Turvy town
Push, push, push!
Bell rounds
the sea in spring
Having a picnic

1990 Summer:The Phenomenal Sound Phactory
Blow, blow, blow
You've gotta beat
The machine turns
The hi-tech song
My song
The string rap
The wind-up gramophone
In perfect harmony

This listing (Summer 1990) may be subject to change as the details are taken from the 'Teachers' Book' for that term, while I try to obtain the 'pupils' book'.

1990 Autumn (All Aboard)
All aboard
Song of the Earth
Please, people
Listen to the rain
The Sky-Boat Song (tune Skye boat song)
Seeds indeed
The Animals A-Comin'
All Aboard Together

1991 Spring: (Over the moon)
The big bang
Over the moon
Jim McSocket
99 times as high as the moon
Take a new look at your planet
Grow up strong
Fish 'n' chips
The black hole
They danced all afternoon
Over the moon under the stars

1991 Summer:(Circus! Circus! Circus!)
Walk up!
At the circus
Captain GRRR! Valiant
Keep them laughing
The lady on the trapexe
The muddling juggling song
Why do it?
Pull down, friends
On life's highway

1991 Autumn: (Panto Pronto)
Hallo, hallo, hallo
Which Pantomime?
Words a-rhyming
I'm the back legs of the panto horse
Oh my darling Columbine
Poor Pierot
Problem panto
Panto pronto