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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
27-Apr-20 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
Subject: RE: Time And Tune (BBC Schools) - Contents
This space for 1996/1997

1996 Summer: (The Hall of Mirrors)
On the pier
The muddly mirror medley
So what!
The mirror menagerie
Enter the underwater aquarium
Punch and Judy
Tunnels of darkness
Those windows

1996 Autumn: (Sea Thunder)
Rowing song
Building the ship
Viking blues
Horse of the waves
Hammer of Thor
A week in Asgard
Sea Thunder
Sailing west

1997 Summer: Hey Presto!
Paint that face!
The name of the game
Riffle shuffle skiffle
Here comes the circus
The girl on the flying trapeze
X-ray vision
Hey presto

1997 Autumn: It's not Christmas without carols
Christmas without carols
Just you wait and see
One more time!
Don't ask me
Listen, it's Christmas

1997 Autumn: Space Station 4/4
The Mission
Variations in space
Goodbye Moon

Yes, just to confuse things there were two 'pupils' booklets' for this term, each allocated half the term. The two half-terms were combined for the 'Teacher's Notes' version.