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Posted By: Jim Carroll
27-Apr-20 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
Subject: RE: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
A mother bought her little boy a tortoise - by the end of the day he hands it to her crying, telling her "Its broken"
She examines it and finds that all four of it's legs are haning loose
She returns it to the pet shop - reluctantly the owner agrees to replace it, admitting it might have been in its shell d he hadn't noticed the problem
By the end of the day the lad repeats the performance, saying "It's broken again"
Again she takes the animal back next morning; this time the pet shop owner objects, demanding he be allowed to accompany her home and observe what the lad does fro somewhere they can't be seen
They return, she hands the lad the tortoise and they watch from the slightly ajar door
The lad sits on the floor, puts the animal down and waits for it to emerge from its shell
When it does, he picks it up and scrapes it across the floor, shouting "Vroom, vroom"