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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
27-Apr-20 - 09:04 PM
Thread Name: History - BBC's 'Singing Together'
Subject: RE: History - BBC's 'Singing Together'
Correction, 'Time & Tune' Summer '65, not 'Singing Together'.


It is spring, the daisies are bursting out.
It is spring, the grass is tender.
And now, the breeze is blowing so softly
Over the rolling plains.

Me and my horse go clippety, cloppety.
Me and my horse go jiggety, joggety.
As we go riding clippety, cloppety,
Over the rolling plains

I just left the Double-X ranch,
I got on my horse and rode away,
I know a pretty girl lives in the valley,
Over the rolling plains.

X: 1
S: Time and Tune Summer 1965
Z: NP 28 April 2020
F3 G3| A3 F3| A2 A B3|A2 A B3| F3 G3| A3 F3 | A3 B3 | A3 B3| E3 E2 F | G3 E3 | E3 E2 F | (E2D) B,3| E3 E2 F| (E2D) B,3 | D6||
w: It is spring, the dai-sies are burst-ing out. It is spring, the grass is ten-der. And now, the breeze is blow-ing so soft-_ly, O-ver the roll-_ing plains.

Transcribed from "Time and Tune" Summer Term 1965. The page is annotated Copyright Elizabeth Poston 1961
The back cover acknowledges permission to reprint: The Bodley Head Ltd "Cowboy Spring" from "The Children's Song Book"
The melody can be viewed by copy/pasting the above (from X: 1 to 'roll-_ing plains') into a converter such as the one at