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Posted By: Scotsbard
23-Feb-01 - 08:01 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 49
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 49
Oh Dear, Herford Kamikaze

Oh dear, what can the matter be?
Seven wet fishermen plucked from the Japan Sea,
claiming they'd sunk due to bovine catastrophy;
"Cow fell on us from thin air."

The first soggy sailor was boson Kajimi,
with his friend Kojo had just brewed a pot of tea,
found that their lunch would include beef sashimi;
A cow fell on them from thin air.

The twin netmen Naji and Noji each had a dish,
catfish and dogfish they'd caught with a lucky swish,
but they never thought that they'd haul in a cowfish
'Till cow fell on them from thin air.


The engineer Kushiwa asked if the the sushi's done,
bowman Nokuma spied something right in the sun:
"A bird, a plane or maybe Gozilla-san"
Then cow fell on them from thin air.

The Captain, Miyagi, who never his bib did doff,
hurled his tempura at them and was heard to scoff;
"Luskies should keep that damn beef and make stloganoff,
Cow fell on us flom thin air!"


The tune should be obvious, sorry 'bout the loose scansion ...


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