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05-May-20 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: farewell farewell (Richard Thompson)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: farewell farewell

Then there is the following posted by Lonesome EJ

Lyr/Chords Add: FAREWELL FAREWELL (R Thompson)
From: Lonesome EJ
Date: 31 Jan 07 - 11:25 PM

This has always been my favorite Fairport song. I looked on the internet but couldn't find chords for it. This is the best I could do with it, but I would welcome any corrections.

by Richard Thompson

Fare(D)well, fare(A)well to you who would (E)hear
You (D)lonely (E)travellers (D)all
The (A)cold north (D)wind will (F#m)blow again
The (D)winding (E)road does (D)call

And will you (A)never return to (E)see
Your (D)bruised and (E)beaten (D)sons?
"Oh, I (A)would, I (D)would, if (F#M)welcome I were
For they (D)love me, (E)every (D)one"

And will you (A)never cut the (E)cloth
Or (D)drink the (E)light to (D)be?
And (A)can you (D)never (F#m)swear a year
To (D)any(E)one of (D)we?

"No, I will (A)never cut the (E)cloth
Or (D)drink the (E)light to (D)be
But I'll (A)swear a (D)year to (F#m)one who lies
A(D)sleep along (E)side of (D)me"

Farewell, fare(A)well to you who would(E) hear
You (D)lonely (E)travellers (D)all
The (A)cold north (D)wind will (F#m)blow again
The (D)winding (E)road does (D)call
End on (A)