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09-May-20 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Roy Roger Um / Hi Ho Jerum / Hi Ro Jerum
Subject: RE: Origins: Roy Roger Um / Hi Ho Jerum / Hi Ro Jerum
As heard in the British Army, 1915. From "A Martial Medley," edited by Eric Partridge (1931):

Now there was a rich man and he lived in Jerusal-e-um,
   Glory alley belurium,
   O Rogerum.
And he used to live on the fat of the land-e-um.
   Gory alley belurium,
   O Rogerum.


O Rogerum, O Rogerum, O-o-o,
   Sling-ammy, ling-ammy, o-erum,
O Rogerum.


Now there was a poor man and he lived in Jerusal-e-um....
And he used to live on crumbs from the rich man's table-e-um....

Now the poor man he died and he went up to heaven-e-um....
And he sat down on the starboard side of Abraham....

Now the rich man, he died; but he didn't fare so well-e-um....
For the devil he came and popped him down to hell-e-um....

And the rich man, he cried, "Oh! send me down some water-e-um."...
But the devil, he said, "This ain't no Ritz Hotel-e-um.
Shovel on some coal-e-um, O Rogerum."

The moral of this tale is that riches end in smoke-e-um,...
So glory, glory be that we are stoney-broke-e-um.

(The fifth stanza has an extra line.)