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Posted By: Doug Chadwick
10-May-20 - 08:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
Subject: RE: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
An Inuit hunter is sitting by an ice hole, fishing, but is starting to get cold. Not wanting to go to the bother of building an igloo, he decides to make a fire with washed-up drift wood and some seal blubber. The trouble is, every time the fire gets going, it melts the ice and puts the flames out. Being a resourceful chap, he constructs a platform in the cockpit of his canoe and builds his fire on that. His plan is all too successful and the heat burns a hole in the bottom of the boat which promptly sinks. Which just goes to show:- you can’t have your kayak and heat it.