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Posted By: meself
14-May-20 - 10:55 AM
Thread Name: Gordon Lightfoot Documentary CBC
Subject: RE: Gordon Lightfoot Documentary CBC
I've always tried to convince myself that those lyrics had some redeeming quality - there must some sign of irony or angst in there that I'm too dull to see - but the man himself doesn't seem to want to allow that, and seems to feel nothing but shame concerning the song.

But back to my original point - why they would start off the documentary with several minutes of GL going through torment over that song is beyond me - I've watched the whole thing now, and the song is never mentioned again, nor is shame any kind of theme in it. He does express some regret here and there about this and that, but nothing that justifies that opening.

Some of the talk from the 'personalities' is worthwhile - some anecdotes and gossip from the early days, a few musical insights - but most of it is fluff. The whole thing should have been edited down to about an hour (from an hour-and-a-half).