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Posted By: leeneia
14-May-20 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: All the Scams Aren't in Nigeria
Subject: RE: BS: All the Scams Aren't in Nigeria
I tried watching that for a while, E, but I couldn't stand it. The guy irritated me so - the hair in his eyes, the overly-big glasses that aren't in the right place, and the beat-up clothes. He's trying to project "neglected child."

In contrast to that, the rapid-fire, half-mumbled posh accent is particularly out of place.

He almost has me rooting for the con man.
Something similar happened on YouTube. A video showed a policeman finding and tenderly gathering up a three-year-old girl sitting alone is a cold and empty parking lot. Her mother had left her alone in a running car, and a thief had hopped in and driven off. When he realized there was a toddler in the back of the car, he left her in the safest place nearby.

All the comments on this video expressed sympathy for the thief because the mother, like this James Veitch, was technically the good guy but was so irritating.