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Posted By: rich-joy
20-May-20 - 01:58 AM
Thread Name: Folk songs about birdsong...?
Subject: RE: Folk songs about birdsong...?
I used to have a Scottish Folk LP of interesting "bits and pieces" which included a guy where he mimicked birdsong and what they were actually "saying" ......

"3 Little Birds" (Every Little Thing's Gonna Be All Right") - Bob Marley

"Blackbird" - Beatles

"Red-Winged Blackbird" coal-mining song by Billy Ed Wheeler

"Magpie" (One's for Sorrow ...) by Dave Dodds (The Unthanks / The Detectorists!)

Dick Miles' "The Cuckoo" song as above, but with tune as sung by Traveller, Queen Caroline Hughes (as Frankie Armstrong sings too)....

"Bird's Courting Song" (KT mentioned above) aka "Leatherwing Bat"

"Swallow Swallow, I wish I could follow you ..." Leon Rossellson?

Heaps more, I'm sure!!