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Posted By: catspaw49
24-Feb-01 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: Jed Marum Album on TV Series
Subject: RE: Jed Marum Album on TV Series
I should have included other news from the company update......Forgive my Dumbassity......Here ya' go!



Jed Marum's "Streets of Fall River" album has hit the streets of Europe with great success by winning critical acclaim and maintaining high visibility on the radio airwave charts. The CD remained in Europe's top 200 most played artists for 3 consecutive periods in 2000, including two weeks at number 66 on the WORLDWIDE MAINSTREAM MOST PLAYED ARTIST CHART ( ). The album has been reviewed in several high profile print publications, including Ireland's "Irish Music Magazine," "Country Music Round Up" and "The Advertiser," both from England. A number of reviews and DJ comments can be viewed on-line at


The album has recently been released to the US music industry and we will be tracking its progress on the US folk and celtic charts, as well as posting the reviews. Several of the early reviews from the US music industry are already posted at the above link. Please check them out!

Boston Road Records has signed an agreement with for worldwide distribution of "Streets of Fall River." This popular discount music distribution business has blossomed quickly in the last year, and the new relationship with Boston Road Records looks promising. Of course, the album is also available on, where it continues to sell well, and accumulate customer reviews.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you have. Please write to us at


- Patrick Malloy, Boston Road Records


All good news and I'm glad to hear it!!!