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Posted By: cnd
23-May-20 - 02:46 AM
Thread Name: Manly Wade Wellman
Subject: RE: Manly Wade Wellman
Even though I still technically have a few more stories to cover (Owls Hoot in the Daytime, Trill Coster's Burden, Can These Bones Live?, Nobody Ever Goes There, and Where Did She Wander?), I don't have them in paperback form and probably won't read them unless I do.

Handy sites to use when searching for info regarding Wellman:
Link 1 - This is a web-archive of Joe Bethancourt's website for his CD of the song. Though certainly not highly detailed or descriptive, it's a useful and interesting starting point.
Link 2 - A second archived website, this link gives a pretty solid summary of the characters/creatures you encounter while reading the book
Link 3 - the previously-mentioned online link to the Silver John series
Link 4 - a link to the text of the play mentioned by Open Mike above. Not digitized, unfortunately.
Link 5 - the only way I currently know of to hear the rest of Bethancourt's adaptation of the songs: in person at ETSU
Link 6 - if, for whatever reason, you want to watch the (poorly received) 1972 film adaptation, Hillbilly John