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24-Feb-01 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: HTML Tables
Subject: HTML Practice Thread....again

Instrument Related Information
A listing of makers from the Civil War to WWII with dates of manufacture......MK
Ancestral Instruments
Reeds and strings from the Romans to the Renaissance. Great photos and sound files. David Marshall has been quite cordial via e-mail. Where else can you find a bagged shawm fitted with a pig's bladder? Well worth a visit…. Dave Swan

Andrew's Musician's Resources
I ran across this OUTSTANDING series of Instrument and Gear Links while looking for something obscure. Boatloads of links for guitars, amps, gear....whatever. Lots of work went into this site its obvious. If you're looking for a URL for something, check in here first!!! Great site!....Spaw

Antique Vintage Guitar Collecting
Everything you ever wanted to know about vintage Martin, Gibson and many more.......MK

Banjo Newsletter The Devil made me do it, Max!!
This image is from Mudcat, so it's OK to embed it

What is set by "cellpadding" and "colspan"??