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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-May-20 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Stan Rogers' 'Northwest Passage' - Kelso
Subject: RE: Origins: Stan Rogers' 'Northwest Passage' - Kelso
Up in the third post, the writer gives a link to the That link is a wonderful piece of writing that opened new vistas to me about Stan Rogers and this "sea of flowers." I had no idea that Stan wasn't talking merely about Franklin and the Northwest Passage. He was envisioning the wonders of crossing the North American Continent in many places, as Stan did on concert tours and as I've done twice in the last five years. The "Sea of Flowers" is the Great Prairie that stretches from Canada to Texas, the seemingly worthless midlands that are covered with grasses and flower (and once, bison). I have driven there and back across the North American heartland in the last five years. I didn't appreciate it when I did it in my 20s and I foiund it boring, but now I understand the subtle beauty of the prairies and the magnificent sky above.
Robert Rodriquez called me about this just now, so I read this article to him. In reading this to a blind man, my eyes were opened to a whole new understanding of this wonderful song.
It's not just about the Northwest Passage.