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Posted By: Jim Carroll
30-May-20 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: Ewan MacColl on Bandcamp
Subject: RE: Ewan MacColl on Bandcamp
"MacColl has posted on here she is trying to promote the website were the material is sold."
Maybe becaise there is nowhere else - it doesn't make any difference to the criticisms being made of the products
"You giving away the same material is denying the estate the opportunity to benefit from his writing."
I'm confused - I was told that the proceeds were to help Necasle Folk Course
I'm very mixed about families benefiting from the work of their parents as creative artists - there have been horrendous examples of families putting their own interests first rather than let u all benefit from family members art
I am not saying that is the case with the MacColl family - I know it not to be the case
The few albums I would pass on is hardly going to make a dent in their lives - on the contrary - I am in a far better position to promote Ewan and Peggy's work that Bandcamp would ever want to be - I have devoted many years to trying to do so

Let's be clear about some of these albums   
Pat and I sang chorused on one of them - we were never paid and would happily donated towards the privilege of singing with Ewan, Peggy, Kirsty, Calum and Neil - and then having the added bonus of bein introduced to Pete and Toshi the same day - jaysus - I still can't believe that
The two 'Second Crop' albums were found because I brought the fact that they were recorded and then 'lost' - one of the family finally succeeded   in finding them where I have failed.
I'm hoping they find the final ballad lecture to top off the series
When they were issued there were no notes - a made contribution to the Long Harvest Series which, in my opinion, made it as uniquely groundbreaking as was the Riverside Series
I didn't expect any of the family to provide notes - they have their own lives and only Peggy has the knowledge to come anywhere near to being able to do so, so earlier this year I spent a couple of months researching and annotating all the songs, based where possible on Ewan and Peggy's previous writing - then transcribing the texts
I then designed two album covers to match those of the est of the set, using illustrations similar to the rest of the set (based on illustrations used by Ewan and Peg for their personal bookplates)
I've made a damned good job of it, if I say so myself)
I haven't passively lifted their work
I said earlier that I believe Ewan would not have greatly objected to what I'm doing - he and Peggy gave me my "pass it on" outlook to life

Onver a year ago we were approached by Calum and asked if we had any live recordings of Ewan for a set of five CDs - we obliges by sneding a batch and five songs were selected
Thew set hasn't appeared so fat - I don't know if it ever shall - but we will expect no remuneration for our efforts - a free set would be nice but not an obligation!
We have an entire archive devoted to Ewan here - including a series of interviews of him that took over a year to complete - the family will get that and the many years of work I have personally crried out on The Critics Group recordings, all the articlaee and lectures I caul lay my nads on, Rdio pregrammes seminars he has given and masses of information on his work and ideas that I shve shed blood trying to get discussed on this friggin' forum
Now, all of a sudden, you people who would rather discuss his politics of 80 years ago . his name change, his right to sing in his family's accent.... and all the other shit that has prevented a serious discussion on Ewan as a creative artist - are busing a gut worring about a few quid I might be depriving his famliy of by giving away albums that have long been unavailable to the general public - give us a break lads
The only thing that worries in all this is I might be helping to preserve some of the albums Ewan couldn't bear to listen to himself - but I'm sure very great artist had similar qualms
Its a bloody shame you people weren't around when Ewan was being dug up regularly and given a ritual kicking by lasser performers (usually because they were lesser performers)