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Posted By: Joe Offer
24-Feb-01 - 09:07 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Rain & Snow / Cold Rain and Snow
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Rain & Snow
Roll&Go-C, would you mind sending me an e-mail and telling me who you are? You don't have to register as a Mudcatter (but it's free, with no strings attached). You've posted a couple of good songs that I harvested ^^ for inclusion in the Digital Tradition database. We usually included the initials of the person who posted the lyrics, so they get some credit for their submission, and so we can contact them if we have questions about the song later.

-Joe Offer (click to e-mail)-

Here's the Traditional Ballad Index entry for this song:

Rain and Snow

DESCRIPTION: Singer's wife gives him trouble, runs him "out in the cold rain and snow." She comes downstairs combing her hair, saying she'll no longer be mistreated; he kills her (, lays out the body, then trembles with cold fear)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1916 (Sharp-EnglishFolkSongsFromSouthernAppalachians)
KEYWORDS: marriage violence crime homicide corpse death wife
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Sharp-EnglishFolkSongsFromSouthernAppalachians 116, "Rain and Snow" (1 fragment, 1 tune)
Roud #3634
Dillard Chandler, "Rain and Snow" (on Chandler01, DarkHoll)
cf. "Nine Hundred Miles" (tune)
cf. "Reuben's Train" (tune)
Cold Rain and Snow
NOTES [43 words]: The liner notes to Chandler's recording lump this with "Sporting Bachelors." I demur; that's a humorous cautionary tale, while this is a tragedy. - PJS
It seems to me I've heard this done with a somewhat humorous twist, but certainly it's a distinct song. - RBW
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