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Posted By: Jim Carroll
16-Jun-20 - 03:08 AM
Thread Name: What are your memories of MSG Folk Club
Subject: RE: What are your memories of MSG Folk Club
Standing outside after seeing MacColl and Seeger, having been introduced to them for the first time by Terry Whelan (a life changing introduction)
As we talked an Jag drew up to the pavement and a pretty young man stepped out and headed for the nightclub next door; - my mate Barry, a football nut, said, "That's Georgie Best"
Peggy said, "Who's Georgie Best ?"
Barry said, "Only the best football player in the world" (he'd forgotten that Liverpool was only thirty miles away, up the East Lancashire Road)
Peggy scrambles around her pockets and produced a note book and sprinted after Best - she came back with his autograph; "For Calum" she explained sheepishly

Other Memories
Picking Nigel Denver up ove afternoon for an evening performance with three other friends and taking him for a meal - Nigel got rat-arsed, despite our reminding him he was singing that night - he sang as well as he ever did

Watching Alex Campbell chuck-up in front of the audience

Singing before a lot of people for the first time, I sang, Gardener Child, Patriot Game and Go to Sa no More - Frank Duffy said I was good
Not my favourite club but good when it was good
Jim Carroll