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Posted By: Jim Carroll
16-Jun-20 - 03:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Union Flag and English values
Subject: RE: BS: The Union Flag and English values
"I afraid you might be right there Jim. "
Why "afraid" - the only thing the enforced partitioning of Ireland every brought successfully was sectarianism, which was what it was designed for
Part of my family were Derry Catholics who were forced to leave their burning home during one of of the regular Anti-Catholic riots carrying only what would fit in a child's push-chair - my Aunt had to carry my cousin in her arms
It is too often forgotten that 'The Troubles' began when Civil Rights marchers demanding equality and a fair voting system, were marshaled through mobs of stone- throwing Loyalists by the 'forces of Law and Order' - something had to give

Britain has ignored the history lesson that shows that artificially drawing a line to divide a people creates only a healthy body-bag industry - India, Cyprus, Korea, Vietnam, Israel.... all for the benefit of outside interests; never the people themselves, who are never      
I hope I live to see the remnants of the Empire where, "The sun never set and the blood never dried" thrown firmly into the dustbin of history and collected next morning with the rest of the trash