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16-Jun-20 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: Linen Industry Songs
Subject: RE: Linen Industry Songs The Brothock is the name of the river running through Arbroath, the old name for the town being Aberbrothock, and all the children recognised the Brothock Mill being spoken about. Having such a kenspeckle building was a great asset to aid the pupils’ understanding. Not only could we examine the working and social history of the former flax mill, but – crucially – we were able to go a step further than local history projects might otherwise go: we heard and learned a song sung by people who worked there. Hear Inverbrothock P5P sing their version:

Awa Wi Ma Laddie

Now the stoory mill’s for poverty but the Brothock Mill’s for pey
The Brothock Mill’s a bonnie wee mill, doon by the burnside

And awa wi ma laddie, it’s awa wi him I’ll gang
Yes awa wi ma laddie, for he’s a nice young man

I took him doon tae the Brothock Mill tae see them aa gaein in
Rosy cheeks and curly hair, that’s the wey they rin


Maybe I’ll get mairried yet, maybe no ava
Maybe I’ll get mairried yet, tae ma laddie far awa

(Chorus twice)

A roll of linen was used to consider the kind of product the mill would have made. In this case, the linen was stamped with the imprint of Francis Webster’s Alma Works nearby to the Brothock Mill; Webster is a name familiar to the children through the town’s Webster Memorial Theatre funded by donation from the same weaving family.