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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
17-Jun-20 - 04:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Union Flag and English values
Subject: RE: BS: The Union Flag and English values
Just a few observations re flags: as a Brownie, then a Girl Guide, growing up in England, we had to learn how the Union Flag was composed, down to getting the broad white stripes in the right places, and making sure that if we put it up the flagpole it was the right way up.
Many years later, I acquired a brother-in-law from N Ireland, from a Protestant family: he had never ever heard of St Patrick's flag: insisted I had got it all wrong about the red diagonal on white background, and that is had to be the horizontal/vertical cross with the hand in the middle.
By then we were living in Scotland, but if you look at any videos of big Scottish flag-waving events of the 1970/1980s, nearly all the flags then were Lions Rampant - very few Saltires. But then came along the bigger push for independence: Saltires everywhere, but people who supported the Union complaining that the Independence lobby had hi-jacked the Saltire, which was, after all, St Andrew's flag, the flag of Scotland and not of one party political group. Recent marches for independence have united as "All Under One Banner" - no one political party, but all those in favour of independence.
While I understand the history behind the name, I do find " The Butcher's Apron" pretty crass and wish people would stop referring to it as that.
I am sad that the Union may break up, but even being half-English, (half-Scottish)can feel no loyalty at all to the total madhouse that has been the Westminster Government for this last decade or more.