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Posted By: Helen
18-Jun-20 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: LGBT+ Folk Songs and Musicians?
Subject: ADD: Let the Rainbow Shine (Judy Small)
An Australian singer songwriter Judy Small was well known in the '80's. She later became a judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and is now retired.

I saw her perform live a few times. She was brilliant, funny, inspiring, and a force to be reckoned with (in my opinion) about the issues she was passionate about.

Judy Small - Let the Rainbow Shine

(Judy Small)

Let the rainbow shine, let the rainbow shine
At the end of the storm, let it light up the sky
No more hiding in fear, no more secrets and lies
We open our hearts and the rainbow shines.
Red for the blood, red for the shame
Red for the fire at the faggots flame
Red for the anger, red for the pain
Orange for a new day dawning
Orange for t he bitterness of hatred we know
Orange for the warmth of the fireside glow
Orange for the passion of love running wild
Yellow for the golden moments let the rainbow shine
Yellow for the cowards who won't understand
Yellow for the roses I place in your hand
Yellow for the citrus taste of goodbye
Green for the peace of a free soul
Green for the springtime green for the young
Green for the songs waiting to be sung
Green for the garden fresh from the rain
Blue for the sky on a clear day
let the rainbow shine
Blue for the grief and blue for the tears
Blue for the chill of the winters fears
Blue for the moonlight in my lovers eyes
Purple for the lilac flowers
Purple for the lavender ribbons we wear
Purple for the richness of moments we share
Purple for the sky at the end of the day
red for the blush of new love
Let the rainbow shine