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Posted By: Jeri
20-Jun-20 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: LGBT+ Folk Songs and Musicians?
Subject: RE: LGBT+ Folk Songs and Musicians?
What Jack said.

I have to wonder what century and types of people folks have to hang around with to think saying someone is/was LGBTQ is some sort of an insult. They're back in school playing "lets get the queers!" Your day is past. Hamish was bisexual. Big freakin' deal.

And this is a music thread. You want to pick fights, go to BS. Or just go. And additionally, Mudcat is not a place that protects sensitive souls from objectionable opinions. You can go, too, if that's what you want. "Hate" and "stupid" are completely different things.

I don't think there are a whole lot of overt traditional songs. I think a lot of the handsome-cabin-boy songs may have just disguised the trans-ness of said boy. Being a woman, I think it's more likely the protagonists just wanted to do the job, no matter what their orientation. I think looking for one's true love would get very old after the first couple of years. Of course, there's no proof any of those songs weren't simply fiction.