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Posted By: Johnny J
21-Jun-20 - 07:37 AM
Thread Name: LGBT+ Folk Songs and Musicians?
Subject: RE: LGBT+ Folk Songs and Musicians?
I agree with Kenny here.

Jack himself said "he never talked about it" . So either it was never true or Johnny didn't want people to know if it was.
In that case, why bring it up now?

Hamish is a different matter. He didn't worry in more recent years about people being aware of his sexuality although he would obviously felt differently in less enlightened times.

Basically, I'm a little uncomfortable about this thread. If someone who is in the public eye has openly come out as gay or is/has been comfortable with people being aware of the fact, then there's not the samr issue. However, we shouldn't be "outing" people who are either dead or alive.

Also, even those musicians who are gay don't necessarily want the whole world to know who their partners are and/or or their living arrangements. Same goes for the majority of heterosexual people too.
However, privacy is no longer respected in this day and age.