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Posted By: Helen
21-Jun-20 - 05:14 PM
Thread Name: Juneteenth - another US Independence Day
Subject: RE: BS: Juneteenth
Yep, not OK then or now. :-)

This might sound callous, but the extent of the shake-up of U.S. society at present due to political, social and health upheavals may actually make it more likely that real change can happen.

When the social norms are firmly fixed it's possible, with persistence and determination, to change little bits here and there but very difficult to make major changes with huge impacts, but when the social fabric is in chaos and people are determined to make major changes, the possibilities for change can be closer to probabilities.

Like the difference between a big solid structure, "set in stone" compared with building blocks ready to be built into a useful structure.

Order out of chaos. Hopefully.