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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Jun-20 - 02:42 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Singing about hell, the devil, evil
Subject: RE: Folklore: Singing about hell, the devil, evil
Written by Ewan MacColl for the film ‘The Irishmen’. Based on the traditional song Devil and Bailiff McGlinn

One fine Sunday morning in summer I wandered along the M.3,
When a couple of swaggering playboys before me I happened to see,
Well one of these was the devil and the other was Ganger McGlynn,
And the one was as black as the other and both were as ugly as sin.

Now a boy sweating at the muck-shifting he lifted his shovel to high,
"May the devil take you" said the other, "you've landed that muck in my eye"
"Now why don't you take him, the rascal, your highness" the Ganger he cried.
"0 'twas not from the heart that the wish came" the devil he smiling replied.

A bulldozer stalled and the fitter said "the gasket is all blown to hell".
"May the devil take you" said the driver "likewise your old gasket as well"
Says the Ganger "Now there's a fine offer, why not take the fitter?" said he.
"0 'twas but from his lips that he said it and that's not sufficient for me."

Some tigers were working a tunnel when part of the shield it did jam.
"May the devil run off with the feller invented the hydraulic ram
"Now there's a fine chance" said the Ganger "your lordship can have him for free"
"Oh no" said the choosy old devil "there must be conviction for me ".

A carpenter building a shutter, the timber was twisted and bent,
"May the devil snatch up the contractor and board him in hell without rent"
The Ganger then said with impatience "Now there's a soul well within reach"
"Oh no" said old nick "your mistaken, ‘twas only a figure of speech".

As they jogged on a trench digger spied them and straight to his mates then he fled,
"Ah fellers “said he "here's the Ganger" and every man looked up and said
"May the devil take that ugly Ganger:" said the devil "Bedad that'll do"
"'Twas strait from the heart that came surely so Ganger McGlynn I’ll take you".

Jim Carroll