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Posted By: Monique
24-Jun-20 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: Req: english language version of 'le Gabier Noir'
Subject: RE: Req: english language version of 'le Gabier Noir'
I don't know what "hens" connotes in this case but "poules" there would be more prostitutes than regular girls. "Poule" (lit. "hen") is an outdated term for "mistress" (usually kept) unless it'd be "ma poule" which is one of the many terms of endearment such as "mon poulet" (my chicken), "mon poussin" (my chick), "mon canard" (my duck), "mon lapin" (my rabbit), "mon chaton" (my kitty)... [but no turkey hen (stupid girl), goose (ditto), guinea hen (ditto + too much make-up), dog, bitch etc.].

"Coup de tabac" should have been "tabas" from the verb "tabasser" = "to beat up", but "tabas" got mixed up with "tabac" (tobacco) so "coup de tabac" means a storm and "Comme un coup de tabac qui vous tombe sur le dos" means "Like a storm that comes upon you/your back".

There should be commas in" Ce ne sont que garçailles, brigandeaux, fouille-au-pot": "garçailles" = sluts, good-for-nothing, "brigandeaux" = rascals, "fouille-au-pot" means "kitchen hand" but also nosy person (who will search your things while you're not aware). These words are in disuse.

Btw Michel Tonnerre died on 07/03/2012.