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Posted By: Mrrzy
24-Jun-20 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: Juneteenth - another US Independence Day
Subject: RE: Juneteenth - another US Independence Day
Hmmm. I thought I made a blicky, too. So here it is.

I have a problem with reparations, being that not all darker-than-white-skinned people are descended from taken-from-Africa slaves, and what's worse in this concept is that those who are, are also descended from slave owners. I don't think anyone descended from slave owners should benefit from their ancestors having owned people, even if those other people were also your ancestors.

Obama mentioned this somewhere.

If we going to pay reparations to *everybody* whose ancestors were enslaved, I'm owed, Mom was a slave during WWII. She was in a slave labor concentration camp till the day before her 16th birthday.

Everybody in fact almost certainly had enslaved ancestors, given that slavery used to be normal and ubiquitous. Got ancestors from anyplace the Romans ever conquered? Should the Italians owe you?

The issue here isn't, or shouldn't be, yesteryear's slavery, but rather the horrible racism of today.