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04-Jul-20 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Singing about hell, the devil, evil
Subject: RE: Folklore: Singing about hell, the devil, evil
*Life Down in Hell*

Following the people
Ah see doing well
Looking for the devil
I went down in hell - and there I found
That an up was a down
And a right was a wrong
and a smile was a frown
Kindness was a sin
To lose was to win
Fire burning soul
Satan in control

A rotten egg was perfume
A sigh of gladness was gloom
An act of kindness a kick
And when you healthy you sick
And a prayer was a spell
So there is no need to tell
A good woman down in hell is a Jezebel

On my journey under
I perceived the soul
Of Dracula and Hitler
Shovelling hot coals - down in a pit
Laud a bread was a stone
I see meat that was bone
A cry of joy was a groan
Sweetness was like pain
The sane was insane
Lowness was a virtue
Freshness was like mildew

A raise of pay was more work
The worst insult was a joke
A sugar cake was the thing
That cat and dog burying
Devil money so dread
A penny was twice the size ah me head
Gold and silver was made out of solid lead

Suddenly I noticed
I was face to face
With the Prince of Darkness
In that stinking place - and then there was
A horrible horrible stench
Coming from an old bench
Where he sat with an ugly wrench
Body like a goat
Buncle by he throat
Serpents on he head
With eyes big and red

Fifty naked females
Behind him stroking he tail
While the imps and them fought
The devil was having sport
He just hold any soul
With a fiery pole
And ram the devil poker
in they ear`s hole

Ah see that I was putting
Meh own self in a jam
Is then ah started running
Right now here I am - back safe on earth
Where up is a up and a down is a down
And when you wrong ah tell you you wrong
Now hear this refrain
Oh Laud never me again
Because now ah see (White Rum make me see)
Down dey ain`t for me

from an album track of    The Mighty Sparrow - c.1977
SPARROW N.Y.C. BLACKOUT   -    Charlie CR 139

Sparrow`s final line "Down deh ain`t for me" would seem a good example to follow!