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Posted By: Neil D
10-Jul-20 - 12:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Black Lives Matter - change on the way?
Subject: RE: BS: Black Lives Matter - change on the way?
And speaking of police unions, these aren't like other labor unions whose raison d'etre is advocating for better pay and healthier working conditions. Police unions are the number one enablers for bad cops. There are frustrated police chiefs all over the country who try to weed out bad actors only to be forced by the union to rehire them. When people talk about disbanding a police dept they aren't calling for a world without law enforcement. In places where it was done, like Camden, NJ, the dept was rebuilt from scratch, most of the original officers were rehired and they ended up with an even larger dept. You may ask what was the point. According to a NY Post article: Camden was wracking up a large murder tally and millions of dollars in policing debt amid widespread corruption when it dissolved its force and formed a new non-union one with a more “community-oriented” bent and anti-force stance seven years ago. The key word there is non-union. The move was incredibly successful with violent crime dropping by 42% and exceessive force complaints down 95%.