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Posted By: Jim Carroll
11-Jul-20 - 08:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
Subject: RE: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
Wonder if this works outside Ireland - heard it in the paper shop this morning

A man walks into a greengrocer's shop in Dublin and asks for "half a cauliflower" - he is told that they aren't allowed to sell half-vegetables
The man is furious and says,"I only want a half - go check with the manager"
The shop assistant goes into the back office and, not noticing the customer has followed him in, says to the boss - "There's a bollix in the shop asking for half a cauliflower"
The boss indicates the man is behind him and the assistant continues quickly, "But luckily this gentleman will have the other half"
The customer leaves the shop satisfied
The boss turns to the assistant and says, "I compliment you on your quick response there - you're new here, were are you from ?"
"Galway" he says, "I left because the place is full of hoors and hurlers nowadays"
Offended, the boss says, "I'm from Galway"
"Who do you play for?", the man asks