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Posted By: Joe Offer
12-Jul-20 - 11:59 PM
Thread Name: ADD songs by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Subject: ADD: (By the River, Where She Sleeps) Dave Carter
Here's a Dave Carter song lost in another thread:

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Posted By: katlaughing
22-Feb-01 - 10:44 PM
Thread Name: BY WHAT SONG should I know you?
Subject: Lyr Add: THE RIVER, WHERE SHE SLEEPS (Dave Carter)

Wow, Spud, I am glad you started this as a new thread. Some of my earliest and favourite childhood memories are of my dad singing When the Works All Done This Fall to us kids, that and Billy Venero, as well as the Zebra Dun, Little Joe the Wrangler, Strawberry Roan, Rosin the Beau..oh...geez...he is making a new cowboy songs homemade tape, if you'd like when he gets it done, I'd be happy to send you one.

He loved the time he spent in Alaska, when he was on Amchitka in the oilfields. Had quite a rep for himself, packing his fiddle and banjo back and forth on the airlines when he'd come home to Colorado for a short spell. Ebbie, I'd love to see the whole lyrics to pass on to dad.

Phoaks around here who hear me in Paltalk would probably say you'd know me by Prairie Lullaby, because it's another childhood song I love to sing. There is a fairly new song that I think idealises what I would like to be known by and that is The River, Where She Sleeps by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar. It's got a great, catchy tune and I'd like it to be heard at my wake:

(Dave Carter

she's a walkin talkin breathin new age wonder, old time heathens
don't know what to make of Mary Jane
cause she ain't tryin to be no swami, she ain't mad at dad and mommy
she don't curse the storm clouds when it rains

when the sun refuse to shine she don't mind, she make everything look fine
she got moon in her eyes, crescent windows on the skies
and the rain comes down in sheets on the people in the streets
and it carries all the secrets that they keep to the river where she sleeps

she comes to me when i'm dejected, leaves her soul out unprotected
tells me that the truth can make me free
and she don't need what she ain't got, she reads me books by Alan Watts
speakin words o' wisdom: let it be

when the sun refuse to shine she don't mind, she take thunder for a sign
she got stars in her head, supernovas in her bed
and it rains most every day, but i like it fine that way
'cause the waters run so marvelous and deep in the river where she sleeps

Mary ain't inclined to drinkin, still she stumbles without thinkin
anywhere she gets the urge to stray
and everybody knows about her, they don't want to change or doubt her
they just grin when she comes out to play

when the sun refuse to shine she don't mind, she be movin down the line
she got bells on her toes, generations in her clothes
and she sings without a sound as the evenin rolls around
and she dances as the twilight shadows creep down the river where she sleeps

professor come to burst my bubble, says that girl is bound for trouble
serves me solace in a paper cup
but it looks a bit like agent orange and when he leaves he slams the door and
just about that time she phones me up

when the sun refuse to shine she don't mind, she just ain't the worryin kind
she got dogs, she got cats, she keeps rabbits in her hats
and the people that she sees, they're all buddhas or police
and the banks rise high and perilous and steep by the river where she sleeps

now one dismayed December dawn i wake to find my Mary's gone
and no one knows when she'll come back again
and all the silent temple bells from Styx to Glenn to Hazel Dell
are mournin all the nights that might have been

when the sun refuse to shine she don't mind, she just leave this world behind
she got wheels in her smile, she can coast along for miles
me i'm walkin all alone, feelin soulful to the bone
till i stop and i hang my head and weep by the river where she sleeps

© 1995 Dave Carter - BMI