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Posted By: Mr Red
16-Jul-20 - 02:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Too Much And Not Enough (book by Mary Trump)
Subject: RE: BS: Too Much And Not Enough (Mary Trump)
Donald Trump's, shall we say, condition is all about his father, Fred Sr.,

There was an interview including with her life-long friend who was acting as a spoke-person. And a lawyer also gave an assessment that Simon & Schuster were not part of the original gagging order so would not be bound by it. AND alluded to Mary's lawyers who were citing fraud in the splitting of the inheritance.

Mary is a psychologist, Uni lecturer no less, which adds credence to her assessment. The spokes-person said Mary stands to loose a lot in this debacle but felt obligated as a US (& world) citizen.

Trumps lawyers said it was an attempt to affect the Nov elections.
Which a "Legal Eagle" on U toob is adamant Trump cannot use Article 2 to delay (or stay) because - The Constitution says............. - well watch the video.

Hallelujah X2.