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Posted By: MandolinPaul
20-Jul-20 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: Thu night acoustic blues, Facebook Live
Subject: RE: Thu night acoustic blues, Facebook Live
Really, Hootenanny? What happened to "agree to disagree"?

The songs don't sound exactly like the originals because I interpret them. It's part of the folk process (folk with a small 'f').

While I don't put myself in the same skill level of any of these masters of course, listen to how Son House, Robert Johnson, and Muddy Waters all play Walkin' Blues (which at least the first two say they've written), and then also listen to how it's played by R.L. Burnside, Taj Mahal, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Keb Mo, and anyone else who has covered it.

Are they all exactly the same? Nope. Are they all playing the blues? Yes they are. Listen to guys like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa. They're doing a more updated heavier form, but they're still playing the blues too.

As with any genre, there is an evolution. That's because people who may not have grown up in the same conditions/regions have decided it's fantastic music, and they want to play it. If I were to try to play these songs exactly like the original guy did (if we could ever find who wrote the first version), it would sound terrible, and it wouldn't be a prefect recreation (I don't possess those skills). That's what juke boxes, CDs, records, and streaming are for.

So, like others before me, I put my own spin on it, with the instruments/skills at my fingertips.

You've said nothing other than my banjo version of 40 Days and 40 Nights didn't sound exactly like Muddy's version with an electric guitar and full band. Would you like to present your arguments?