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20-Jul-20 - 04:48 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Comfort of Man
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Comfort of Man
From here (also has an example of sheet music):

Hammond D. 119. Henry Adams, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. 1905. and: Gardiner H. 212. Goerge Digweed, Micheldever, Hants. March, 1906.


When I was young many troubles I got,
I wanted a sommat and didn't know what,
To marry a wife I thought a good plan,
For a woman, they said, was the comfort of man.

Rite-too-diddle-loo, diddle-loo,

Miss Betsy, my sweetheart, she lived close by,
I loved her a little and she liked I,
So at length I sent her some sweet, pretty letters,
To tell her as how I could marry her betters.

When Miss Betsy read this she scoffed and she frowned,
She said that her letters were not to be found,
And when she was through a-picking her hops,
She come over the way and she slapped my chops.

I was ready to faint and fit to cry,
When a dab of fresh butter came slap in my eye,
But, says she, believe me, I'll always be true,
So go to the church and I will with you.

We hadn't been married the best part of a week,
And already her tongue begins to speak,
She broke my head with the frying-pan,
And soon I discovered the comfort of man.

Now Betsy she's in the family way,
She does what she likes and I daresn't say Nay!
Late the other night as I wanted to doze,
She bit a piece off the end of my nose.

Oh! Betsy, says I, what are you about?
You've cracked my head and disfigured my snout.
And when that you bring me a son or a daughter,
It'll have a long nose for mine is the shorter.

At night when I goes home sadly tired from my work,
She opens the door and cries out like a Turk,
Take this squalling young brat and get it to sleep,
For all day long no peace would it keep.

I rue the day that I ever married,
I wish that I had longer tarried,
I can never be happy, do all what I can;
Oh', Lord, what a plague is the "comfort of man"!