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Posted By: John in Brisbane
07-Oct-98 - 03:50 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Lone Shanakyle
Subject: Lyr Add: LONE SHANAKYLE
Will follow with the tune if this not already in the DT.



Far, far from the isle
Of the holey and grand
Where wild oxen fatten
And brave men are banned
All lonely and lone
In a far distant land
Do I wander
And pine for poor Eireann.


Lonely and sad I roam,
Far from my island home
Where the wild waves surging foam,
Headlands appearing
Clouded in silver spray,
Flashing through heavens's bright ray
For your glory and pride
My Erieann.

2. Sweet, sweet Inis Cathaigh,
The sacred, the blessed
A fit place for a saint
Or a warrior's rest
Your sentinel towers
Left each storm repressed
You mourning waves
Wail for Eireann.

3. There is nothing now left,
Holy isle, but thy name
The ruin of thy glory,
Thy grandeur, thy fame
For foreign laws see
Thy sadness and pain
That now cause
Thy anguish, my Eireann.

4. How dearly I long for
To wander once more
To the loved ones I left
At the old cabin door
My blessings I'd given
A thousand times o'er
With a prayer
And a tear for Eireann.

5. Sad, sad is my fate
In this weary exile
Dark, dark is the night cloud
Round lone Shanakyle
Where the murdered sleep
Silently pile upon pile
In the coffinless
Graves of poor Eireann.