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28-Jul-20 - 07:37 AM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
I recieved the Galactic Overlord by laws by messenger and believe me it is like watching sausage being made, I thought they would be better than us. The following are the GEB By-Laws which do not include Music Management Rules:

The Seven Supreme Executive Galactic Overlords>
7:1.1 (198.1) The executive headquarters of the Master Spirits occupy the seven Paradise satellites of the Infinite Spirit Supply, which swing around the central Isle between the shining spheres of the Galactic Overlords and the innermost Taverns. These executive spheres are under the direction of the Supreme Executives, a group of seven who were Sanitized by the Father in law, Son in law, and the unknown Uncle in accordance with the specifications of the Seven Master Spirits for beings of a type that could function as their universal representative bag men .

7:1.2 (198.2) The Master Spirits maintain supplies with the various divisions of the superuniverse governments through these Supreme Executives. It is they who very largely determine the basic constitutive trends of the seven superuniverses. They are uniformly and divinely perfect, but they also possess diversity of personality much like the 7 dwarfs. They have no presiding head; each time they meet together, they choose one of their number to preside over that joint council with snacks. Periodically they binge journey to Paradise Resorts to sit in council with the Seven Master Intoxicating Spirits.

7:1.3 (198.3) The Seven Supreme Executives function as the administrative co-ordinators of the grand universe; they might be termed the board of managing directors of the Steve Bannon creation. They are not concerned with the internal affairs of Paradise Resorts, and they direct their limited spheres of Steve Miller activity through the Steve Shaw of the Circuits. Otherwise there are few limits to the scope of their supervision; they engage in the direction of things physical, intellectual, and spiritual; they see all, hear all, feel all, even grok all, that transpires in the seven superuniverses and associated Shell Corporations.

7:1.4 (2001) These Supreme Executives do not originate policies, nor do they modify universe procedures; they are concerned with the execution of the plans of divinity drugs promulgated by the Seven Master Spirit Distillaries. Neither do they interfere with the rule of the Ancients of Days in the superuniverses nor with the sovereignty of the Assisted Living Institutions in the local universes. They are the co-ordinating executives whose function it is to carry out the combined policies of all duly constituted rulers in the grand universe who sleep till noon and screws them all.

7:1.5 (2008) Each of the executives and the facilities of his sphere are devoted to the efficient administration of a single superuniverse. Supreme Executive Number One, functioning on executive sphere number one, is wholly occupied with the affairs of Ovarion prostitutes, and so on to Supreme Executive Number Seven, working from the seventh Paradise satellite of the Spirit and devoting his energies to the management of Sex, Gambling and Drugs. The name of this seventh sphere is Maxwell, for the Paradise Resort satellites of the Spirits have the same name, Bubba, as their incest related supersoldiers; in fact, the superintendants were all named after them, Bubba, Bubba Jr, Bubba double Jr. etc.

7:1.6 (2016) On the executive sphere of the seventh superuniverse the staff engaged in keeping straight the affairs of Ovarion sex workers who run into numbers beyond human comprehension and embraces practically every organ of celestial intercourse.