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Posted By: Joe Offer
28-Jul-20 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Hints for Zoom Singaround Hosts
Subject: RE: Tech: Hints for Zoom Singaround Hosts
I've been afraid to try that, Acorn4. After about 4 hours, my computer gets sluggish and really seems to need a reboot. If I can leave the meeting and reboot and go back in again, my computer might be very happy.

Since my old computer was getting sluggish, I got a new computer with an 8th generation Core I5 microprocessor. It has 12 GB of built-in RAM, and I expected to add more. But Dell gave me only two RAM slots, so I have to throw out my old RAM if I want more. The new computer is pretty good, but it shows some signs of sluggishness like not being able to display letters as fast as I type them, and not displaying menus when I right-click - it sometimes lacks the crisp response I usually get with a new computer. The new computer is supposed to accept the new Intel Optane memory, but I'll be damned if I can find the slot for the memory card - maybe it's under the CPU fan.

It seems to me that Zoom is a memory hog, and I'm trying to learn how to deal with it.

I think people get obsessed with this "original sound" stuff. "Original Sound" does seem to help when people are singing with instruments, but not a capppella. I have a few participants who want to jump into the middle of a song and tell the singer to switch to "original sound" if the sound is muddy - and I have to be hard on these people who feel compelled to interrupt.

I think I'm having some success with turning off the video of singers with sound problems. I find mid-song verbal interruptions to be more jarring than having to listen to less-than-perfect sound - so I'm very hard on those who feel compelled to interrupt.

I open the doors for "cocktails and conversation" half an hour before singarounds, and this has been very nice. The Americans tend to dominate the conversation, so I do my best to make sure that all people from all nations are at least recognized. I'm finding that it's a good idea during the cocktail hour to introduce every singer and chat briefly with each one - and it also tests their sound.

It's nice to have chit-chat between songs in smaller gatherings, but it just doesn't work when there are forty people lined up to sing. So, I do most of the talking between songs and act like an MC, and encourage people to stay muted unless they really have something to say. Maybe I'm too dictatorial, but I try not to be. I went to one singaround where the host sang every song, and encouraged participants to sing along while muted. - now, THAT's a dictatorship.

Somebody yesterday wanted to discuss whether it was appropriate for another singer to use the word "Kanaka" in a song, and I nipped that discussion in the bud and said that we have to let people make their own choices about what they sing, and discuss that stuff in Mudcat threads.