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Posted By: Rick Fielding
26-Feb-01 - 04:40 PM
Thread Name: Help: the 'invention' of bluegrass
Subject: RE: Help: the 'invention' of bluegrass
Gawd Bless you Mark, for takin' the time to do this. I haven't listened to your file, 'cause I know every bloody note of those songs, but that should certainly help anyone who wants to know the chronology of the music.

And guest RB250, don't desert us. If this was a general music web-site, I think we could be accused of bein' too picky about the small details....but it's supposed to a place where people actually ENJOY learning about different forms of music and how they came together. A year ago some of us were talkin' about the strange (and wondrous) way that Riley Puckett got "his sound". We were quoting his contemporaries and some interesting stuff was happening. Some guy who'd obviously never thought much about Riley's style, figured we should "just have some fun" instead of trying to figger it out. Well by golly, it's FUN to me!