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Posted By: GUEST,Bedford UK Zoom Host
31-Jul-20 - 06:30 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Hints for Zoom Singaround Hosts
Subject: RE: Tech: Hints for Zoom Singaround Hosts

The list of members of Zoom can be found by clicking "participants" at the bottom of the screen. However, they will move up and down the list as their microphones are triggered. The screens also move around if someone turns off their video or their broadband drops out. I ended up just noting people's names down in the order they arrive with an old fashioned pencil & paper. But since our club also expects a report that works well, since I can write the songs they performed next to the names. The most we've had is 17 performers.

Re the host thing, you can hand off your hosting duties to someone (click "more" next to their name in the participants screen and select "make host") and then you can do what you like, including leaving the meeting. As they are now the host, it continues to run. If you want it back, they need to do the same thing and do "make host" for you.

I don't allow people to interrupt others performing, although if someone is having massive tech problems I will chat to them jokily whilst they deal with it so they don't feel "on the spot" quite so much and to see if I can help. Anyone else interrupting/tuning up gets muted immediately.