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Posted By: keberoxu
02-Aug-20 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lord Randal (Roaring Jelly) - parody
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Lord Randal (Roaring Jelly) - parody
How about an entirely different parody?
Not sure it merits its own thread, after all,
and have to put it somewhere.
Not my writing -- it's from Mad Magazine.

Oh where ha'e ye been, Matt Dillon, my son?
Oh where ha'e ye been, my lanky young man?

I got shot near Topeka at least sixteen times.
Now I'm weary wi' bleeding, and fain wald lie down.

Why rode ye so far, Matt Dillon, my son?
Topeka's not close, my tin-badged young man.

When Sioux warriors pursue me, I go where I'm chased.
Now pull out these darned arrows, so I can lie down.

Ye fought with the Sioux, Matt Dillon, my son?
There's none within miles, my roving young man!

When some crooks tried to hang me, I fled the wrong way.
Get this rope off my neck now, I fain wald lie down.

Why seek out danger, Matt Dillon, my son?
Why not stay in Dodge, my foolish young man?

I must roam o'er the prairie each third episode
'Tis a clause in my contract. Now let me lie down.

But Gunsmoke's filmed here, Matt Dillon, my son!
How come you blow town, my mixed-up young man?

So I need but appear in two shows out of three:
To be frank, Ma, I'm lazy, so let me lie down!

July 1972, Vol I, no. 152