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Posted By: Cattia
14-Aug-20 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Clerk Saunders Herd's Manuscripts
Subject: RE: Clerk Saunders Herd's Manuscripts
Clerk Saunders (in Italian Il chierico Alessandro) is a ballad of unfortunate lovers with a supernatural corollary of the revenant. It tells of the sad fate of two lovers, Saunders and Margaret, he a young scholar, or a university student (in other versions a knight or a Lord), she the only sister of 7 brothers.
The difference in class does not allow the two young people to publicly manifest their love, in addition the seven brothers watching over the virtue of the girl. The maid had sworn that she would never, ever let Saunders into her bedroom. After that, the desire to sleep together one night, was stronger than any promise, and needless to say that very same night, the brothers also entered the room ...
I have grouped three variants:
Eliza Carthy "Heat Light & Sound" 1996 and Malinky The Unseen Hours 2005 which are quite similar to Child # 69 A;
June Tabor Ashes and Diamonds 1977 similar to Child # 69 C; and finally Child # 69 G version - also in Sir Walter Scott- sung by Jean Redpath (which I particularly like) where we have the night visit with revenant.