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Posted By: robomatic
21-Aug-20 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Boosting the Irish economy
Subject: RE: BS: Boosting the Irish economy
The small-scale water capture and use being mentioned requires control and maintenance on a household level, which will result in problems on such a level. Collecting water on a much larger scale might be more reliable and net out more affordably on a public level. Might as well have professionals assuring the quantity and quality of the water, plus you will have it as a public right and not have water poor families having to beg for it.

One of my memories is of the very large areas of bog in that part of the world. I passed a development which was using the bog to provide material for generation of electricity. I was told that many bogs were meters thick, and that when the burden was removed and some of the bog left in place, the land would be arable, which it wasn't under the thicker layers. So why not some of this land set aside for reservoirs?