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Posted By: Mr Red
22-Aug-20 - 11:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Boosting the Irish economy
Subject: RE: BS: Boosting the Irish economy
5400 litres would require a tank 5.75 ft cube. Or at least 2m tall to accommodate sludge and a tap at the very bottom to let that out, and a cover that could be removed to allow stirring the sludge as it exited. And that would leave you with no water for a day or two or some very muddy water for a day. So you are into two tanks half the size. And more complication.

Regular maintenance and attending to details on something so unconsidered until it goes wrong (for the average modern man) is a recipe for it going wrong at the wrong moment. ie with the loo fully loaded!

Doable, in its apparent simplicity, but to modern man (or sheman) ................ ??????

Still, when robots rule the world, what will we do with our spare time? History has already told us - I submit.