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Posted By: Donuel
23-Aug-20 - 08:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: Schrödinger’s Cat has a friend
Subject: RE: BS: Schrödinger’s Cat has a friend
Thank you Mr. Red for bringing up the calculation accuracy of quantum theroy but how it breaks down wierdly when applied to 'reality'.   I have seen how - retro causality - can explain this and what causes it.    It is because the entire concept of time being linear is WRONG.
Time is actually 3 dimenional or more which is demonstrated by its fuzziness and quantum wierdness when viewed incorrectly as two dimensional.   This truth explains the pilot wave and other phenomena which explains how the future influences the past.

You may ask how I know this. It is by knowledge by other means or as some people are calling it 'indigenous knowledge'. It is as controversial as field theroy used to be. What is unique about consciousness is that some minds are able to percieve the working of 3D time and even use it to their advantage. In most cases retro causality overlaps our personal observation by a very short time.

If this concept is still confusing just think of how 3D time creates an optical illusion of superpositions if viewed as linear while in reality the upness and downess and forward and backward nature of 3D time is what