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Posted By: Bill D
26-Feb-01 - 10:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: School Pranks?
Subject: RE: BS: School Pranks?
oh! just remembered another one....

Mr Fields was also lunchroom proctor..general maintaining of order. The rule was..NO food to ne taken out of the lunchroom. One day, Mr Fields saw a kid buy an ice-cream bar and slip it into his shirt pocket under a jacket. So, he met the kid just as he left the room and stopped him...

"Oh, John...I was wondering how that new project is coming"

"Oh,,,uh...fine, Mr. Fields..but I gotta go.."

"Well you know, I have some ideas you might want to consider..."

"Um...sure, Mr. Fields...later maybe?"

"But, is due soon, and if we could spend a few mintes now......."(blah, blah, blah...for 10-12 minutes...till he was SURE that ice cream bar was good and soggy)...then he let him go with no mention of the offense!

....we didn't play many pranks on Mr. Fields