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Posted By: Donuel
24-Aug-20 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Schrödinger’s Cat has a friend
Subject: RE: BS: Schrödinger’s Cat has a friend
I am prone to think in terms of pattern recognition and organic self preservation, with training I can think in different ways. Sometimes it is conventional and sometimes it isn't. Most annoying is when it feels limited and I don't understand. My brain wants to fill in the gaps which may be the worst thing in terms of conventional pitfalls.   For example we naturally think of SPACE in terms of being volumetric. But we think of time as being a line with only one dimension of a moving length. Now Einstien has us thinking in terms of spacetime. We visualize the combination like a growing cone that expands. I think it is possible that we have conceptually sold time short and it is also volumetric in another way and not just a line with no width.

Throw in something we call gravity and time can slow or even stop just like light. With everything influencing everything else I get stymied by a feeling of expanding complexity that may or may not exist.

AI would not have these feelings of questionable self esteem.