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Posted By: Stewie
24-Aug-20 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Sandra, it looks like it is down to us. I don't mind posting some more - our moderator can always chuck 'em out.

(Paul Wookey)

No more black-faced miners
Buying carbide at the store
All the lamps that lit the darkness
Are hangin’ empty by the door
And the chilly winds that blow no good
Have blown no good once more
And the last coal train is leavin’ town

No more kids out on the trestle bridge
Playin’ that dangerous game
You’ll never have to mend a broken track
Or drive the spike again
You can leave the sleepers rotting
The signals rusting in the rain
‘Cause the last coal train is leavin’ town

You’ll never have to feed a family
Upon a striker’s pay
You’ll never have to fight for what’s yours by right
In this game that rich men play
And for the first time in a long time
You might see the light of day
And the last coal train is leavin’ town

So the word came down from Melbourne
Said they’ve got to close the mine
Oh we can’t afford to dig it out
We’ll just have to leave it lyin’
With all the men who died in 20 shafts
Who’ll lie there for all time
And the last coal train is leavin’ town

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Paul Wookey, was raised in the Dandenong Ranges. An excellent singer and guitarist, he was heavily influenced by American folk, blues and country. He had a solid reputation in Melbourne’s folk clubs – Traynor’s, Outpost Inn and One-C-One. A fine example of his original work is 'The Last Coal Train' which he noted ‘was the last coal train that left Wonthaggi some time in 1968 after the coal mines were finally closed down. It represents the passing of a period in Australian history – the generational move from the land to the city, the loss of country jobs, the dislocation of the pre-war generation.