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25-Aug-20 - 10:41 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Australia/NZ Songbook
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Here's another good'un from the pen of John Warner. Kitty Kane is a tough woman who thumbs her nose at convention and not only survives but thrives. Good on her!

(John Warner)

I came up the Thomson with thousands of others
When Walhalla's gold wove its wild, shining spell
I was young, I was pretty, I called myself Kitty
I offered the best jewels a woman could sell
A length of fine velvet in well fitting burgundy
Tight round the curves where a man's eye could fall
Lace at the edges and eyes full of laughter
Oh young Kitty Kane was the pride of them all

I might take a walk by the wild Thomson River
Where the mountain ash rise in the soft misty rain
There's gold in the range and there's gold in the memories
Of the lady of pleasure they call Kitty Kane

The publican brought a piano from Melbourne
I could tell you right now, it was never in tune
But the work-weary diggers came crowding to hear it
When Samson would play in the late afternoon
On nights when Walhalla lit up like a fire
And the miners were roaring some boozy refrain
There would always be eyes lit with lust and desire
And bright gold for evenings with young Kitty Kane


There were schemers and sailors and bearded old diggers
Whose tough, hairy hides had the gravel ground in
Young men far from home who still needed a mother
And sad furtive parsons who needed to sin
Rough, drunken brutes with the manners of cattle
Who let me lie bleeding and shaking in pain
I served them their drinks while my bruises were healing
And I laughed and I shone, I was still Kitty Kane


I've heard the men singing down at the piano
That youth it soon passes and beauty will fade
But I gave them their pleasure when I was past forty
It's the light in me eyes made me queen of my trade
Though Walhalla now is all merchants and farmers
Whose wives see in me what they think of as shame
I'll die in this valley with fine, singing memories
My name's Kitty Kane, I was best in the game

Chorus (X2)

You can find the song on Margaret Walters' excellent 'Pithead and Fern' album.